Location: the municipality of Boljevac

Who says that we don’t have pyramids around!

Legends and myths about the hidden treasure in its midst, aliens and fireballs flying above, stories about positive energy it radiates, but also about the rare beauty, pefect geometrical shape of a pyramid and medicinal herbs that grow only on its hillsides, make Rtanj still insufficiently researched beauty of nature.

Rtanj represents a phenomenon that attracts an increasing number of tourists, adventurers, mountain climbers and scientists every year. Anyone who has visited this mountain at least once claims that the air here smells different and that nature seems completely unreal. Also, many people talk about the positive energy they felt while staying here.

Rtanj is also famous for endemic plants that grow only on its slopes and which are protected by law. The most famous of them is certainly Rtanj tea (Saturea montana) which has many medicinal properties.

At the top of the Rtanj on its peak Šiljak (1,565 m), as a symbol of the mountain, there lie the ruins of the former church of St. George, frequently visited by tourists. Besides being on the highest peak of Rtanj, this church is interesting because it was built in 1935 by Greta, the wife of the owner of the "Rtanj" mine, Julius Munch, with the help of 1000 workers; Greta built it in memory of her late husband. Today there are ruins there because gold diggers destroyed it on several occasions.