For its natural beauties, cultural and historical monuments, transport links, climatic characteristics, hydrography, conditions for hunting and fishing and the existing tourist facilities, the Negotinska Krajina (the Negotin Frontier) is a very attractive area.

The town centre of Negotin is consisted of the old town core, in which the Holy Trinity Church is prominent, the old and the new town centre and the town park. Of architectural monuments, the Archaeological Museum, the birth house of Stevan Mokranjac and the Museum Hajduk Veljko are noticeable. Todorče’s Konak (guest house) is the oldest preserved house in this area and dates from the 19th century. On the territory of Negotin there is an archaeological site Vrelo-Šarkamen, from the Roman period of Tetrarchy. Three monasteries, Vratna, Bukovo and Koroglaš are the source of spirituality of the area. A special feature of the Negotinska Krajina are the pivnice (wine cellars) in villages of Rajac, Rogljevo and Smedovac, where wine is prepared and kept in a specific way since the 17th century and which are open for visit and wine tasting during the tourist season.

Of the events stand out the Days of Mokranjac, which have a long tradition in Negotin and are dedicated to our most celebrated composer. The programme consists of Choir Competition, premieres, a large number of concerts, exhibitions and book promotions. The Honey and Wine Fair is held in May each year and includes presentation of wine producers and beekeepers from all over Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

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