Tabula Traiana

Location: Đerdap gorge
Tourist organization of the municipality of Kladovo

The construction of the road through Đerdap was finished in 103 AD, and this great endeavour was memorialised with an inscription on a board known as Tabula Traiana (Trajan’s board).
"Tabula Traiana" is an inscription cut into a rock by the Danube, in Đerdap gorge, 2,5 km upstream from Tekija. It was dedicated to Roman Emperor Trajan and is a part of antique monuments on the Roman road which include the remains of the bridge which Trajan built over the Danube.

The construction of a Roman road and a large number of fortifications point to the importance of Đerdap for Roman Empire, until the final conquest of Dacia in the early 2nd century. The construction of the road, which extended right next to the Danube, was conditioned by the needs for a faster and safer river traffic.

Translated from Latin, the inscription on Trajan's plaque reads:
‘Emperor Caesar son of the divine Nerva, Nerva Trajan Augustus, victor over the Germans, Pontifex Maximus, invested for the fourth time as Tribune, Father of the Fatherland, Consul for the third time, excavating mountain rocks and using wood beams has made this road.’