Vrelo Šarkamen

Location: Negotin
Krajina Museum
Vere Radosavljevic 1
19300 Negotin

Vrelo - Šarkamen is an exclusive monument of Roman culture from the 4th century; it is located on the left bank of the Vrelska River, 6 km west of the village of Šarkamen near Negotin.

Several objects on the left and the right banks of the Vrelska River were discovered, the most important of which were the fortification of the residence and memorial complex with tumulus and imperial mausoleum.
In the mausoleum they found cremated remains of the Empress with a set of golden jewellery and money.

On the basis of the above-mentioned discoveries, the fortification and memorial complex are dated at the early 4th century and are attributed to the Tetrarch Maximinus Daia (305-313) while the mausoleum is attributed to his mother, sister of Emperor Galerius. Also, it was established that the complex at Šarkamen was built following the pattern of Emperor Galerius’s palace Felix Romuliana at Gamzigrad and memorial-sacral complex on Magura, dedicated to the Emperor and his mother Romula.