Timacum Minus

Location: Knjaževac
Homeland museum of Knjaževac
Karadordeva 15
19350 Knjaževac

Follow in the footsteps of Flavian Fourth Legion and Claudius' Seventh Legion

Timacum minus is the oldest Roman military fortress in Timok Krajina and is located in the valley of the Beli Timok near the village of Ravna. Uncovered epigraphic monuments on the site tell us about the presence of the garrison of Timacum Minus. The inscriptions testify to the presence of soldiers of Flavian Fourth Legion and Claudius' Seventh Legion, Cohort I Thracum Syriaca, Cohort I Montanorum from Raetia or Noricum as well as the presence of a military unit of Cohort II Aurelia Dardanorum.

Collection of monuments from Ravna fortress are exhibited in the lapidarium of the Archeo-ethno park Ravna. In the inside of the fortress two facilities have been explored - horreum and the circular facility in the northeast corner. Northwest of the fortress is a public bath with a preserved system of heating – hypocaust. In the area northeast of the fortress on the bank of the Timok, a Roman bath – thermae was explored. North and south of the fortress the remains of a civilian settlement were uncovered. The existence of buildings dated from the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. was established through archaeological explorations.

You can read more about Timacum Minus in the text "Roman fortification Timacum Minus" by Bojana Ilijić, senior curator of archeology and Milena Milošević Micić, museum advisor to art historian, by clicking on the link here.