Majdanpek - Donji Milanovac

This region was given the epithet “the cradle of ancient Europe” due to cultural values of the archaeological sites of Lepenski Vir and Rudna Glava, i.e. their invaluable scientific role in learning about the earliest period of human civilization. The archaeological site Lepenski Vir with an exceptionally favourable micro-location within the Gospođin Vir, lasted between 5,800 and 4,300 BC, within 9 successively built settlements with plan-built dwellings, tombs, shrines and artistically crafted artefacts of unique artistic expression. Architecture and culture of Lepenski Vir is well known worldwide and it represents the acme of the Middle Stone Age culture.

This area has exceptional natural resources. Here are located the largest Serbian National Park – Đerdap, wonderfully beautiful Rajko's cave, Mount Miroč and the village of the same name, which is a unique natural and ethno ambience, Mount Starica (suitable for hiking), Valja Prerast, a naturally occurring stone bridge (with the span of over 150 m; the height of the upper edge of the arch is 26 m and the width of the opening at the foot, at the river bed level is 9.7 m), the Veliki Zaton reservoir, an important fishing area. Finally, Donji Milanovac, which is one of the greatest potentials for tourism development in this area, should be added to the list.

Of tourist events that are organised here, the following should be emphasized: flower and folk customs festival “Jorgovan fest” (“Lilac Festival”) on Mount Miroč aimed at preserving the ethnic heritage of eastern Serbia, “Đerdap u pesmi i igri “ (“Iron Gate in song and dance”), a tourist, cultural and entertainment event lasting for two and a half months, during which sports competitions, poetry and literary readings, art exhibitions, presentations, theatre plays and concerts are being held; Children’s and Pop Music Festival “TIN”, “Porečki kotlić” (“The Poreč kettle”), a competition in preparing fish soup and fish stew, the Đerdap Sailing Cup, TID's Regatta and many others.